Seven Mind Numbing Facts About Domestic Violence

About Montgomery DA’s office is you get a lot of experience very fast trying a lot of cases there that’s true right of course you work for district attorney Alan burlesque correct and she’s done a great job for many many years and so you took the knowledge you learned in the DA’s office and you decided to go into a criminal defense but practice tell us about your practice well our practice.

Actually my criminal practice we represent folks at the city of Montgomery we also represent folks instate court in Circuit Court level and we also represent I’m some federal court as well so we DOA lot of both miscible state and federal level and we represent a lot of folks in that capacity right it’s my understanding that that you have one of the contracts.

with the city where you domestic violence attorney Tucson work is a public defender that’s right every city across the United States of America has contract words that do the indigent defense work for those that can’t afford to hire a lawyer so for the city of Montgomery myself as well my law firm partner will Barefoot we handle that contract there and how many hours do you spend the wait during that between the-two of us we probably spend down there Would say about to hours a week down there in the city quarter now we’re going.

To talk about domestic violence and more specifically changes in the domestic violence law that occurred recently you’re telling me before restarted the show that you spend one data week or there’s a docket one day week pertaining just to domestic violence and that’s right here in the city of Montgomery every Tuesday is the domestic violence docket and that’s one of the majority of the domestic violence.

cases are handled on on that day to put that in perspective then how many cases would a judge a city judge here in one day with a domestic violence doc Wow at the city of Montgomery domestic violence there’s actually two dockets we have one in the morning and we have one.

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