Exciting Parts Of Attending New Ac Unit Tucson

Here so basically the way this works is that when you turn the key on there’s currents available at the potentiate or your temperature control now as you turn that temperature control either to the right or to the left the resistance in that potentiate changes and as a result the current flowing through it and out of it changes as well and that changing current from there goes to your blender.

Actuator on your heater core assembly and either opens or closes that blender which as a result allows for either air from your heater core or from your evaporator to flow through your vent system and out of your air vents alright so mix with key on engine off I’m going to use my test light to see whether we have current at any of these pins here as you can see we do have currents on this wire all the way to right next you want to go and attach your test light to the positive side of your battery and then check.

For a ground at this connector as you can see I’m the one on the way to the left we have grounds all right so basically current comes through the wire on the right through this potentiate and as you turn the knob the resistance inside their changes tucson az air conditioning and signal voltage your current goes through the center wire back to our blender when I’m going to take these o-rings off I’m going to clean them get them all nice and clean put it back together and then with the new parts and then we’ll charge AC – so I got the manifold pieces on you see them in there all shiny and new got the center’s and stuff back on and tied a little.

Harness out of the way you see that’s the low side and the high side down there I’ve hooked my gauges up to it and for field work I use this little air operated a vacuum pump all you do is take your vacuum side up to it and you hook your air for that side and she starts.

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