Doubts About Tucson Ac Repair You Should Clarify

Degrees humidity is relatively Tucson air conditioning low I should be seeing right around on this unit about to on the low side and somewhere around to on the high side so I’m gonna get the Freon in it and start it up and then we’ll start filming all right got one Canyon our dad watch my psych lab will a look at where B there is no cage get to examine the bullet point what to get this point I’ll.

shut the valve all about these team he’d really pull it down he’ll shut off up there without raising back up the cow pressures kicked off the shelf is you’re having a free on you how’s that for come on the rains would kick on in the thing is rocky mountain behind the cabin alone that’s about this boss battle closes in and we’re Canadian fans look at us our class in here you can see.

it slickly in here that liquid you stars liquid in on the low side you’re not gonna get with charge in a hot dog because your high pressure is more than in your can that the open air is the life is feeding me you can of the person I’m out for the flow you can for the back of the can you have a little indention that smiley face let’s cut in there at the pressure relief device it will only put off at about.

psi than a fluid I found that out by leaving the case of him in the back of the car won’t come and I was still using their all reckon it’s going to kinda come off I’m hold again close they put one more key in and we raise the RPM give that a compression critical best all right that’s it another midnight repair got the AC blowing coals now it’s time to start it up and drive it around a little bit and make sure it keeps glowing coals when a customer gets it that he’ll keep blowing cold and got any questions comments below subscribe over here like thanks and get out took something.

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