Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Tucson Air Conditioning

Of here this was inside of here and the covers over the top of it so it should be a wiring diagram somewhere within the unit this way if you disconnect a wire you can trace it back to where it goes like from the capacitor here it goes down and back over to your fan motor and it also goes back to your compressor the two main the two main items within your.

window unit that would use the most power your fan motor and especially your compressor this capacitor allows both of these items to run off of a small amount of current they’ll allow the stores enough power in this capacitor to help reduce the power drain on your your circuit it allows all this stuff to run smoothly so if this is bad when you turn your air conditioner on it.

will run really low and sometimes the compressor will kick in and it will not engage or COO your fan motor will run slow I don’t think this motor is bad it does spin nice and freely so that tells me the bearings aren’t the problem I’m not going to rule out the fan motor but I don’t believe that’s the problem I believe that the capacitor is the problem probably the capacitor probably went bad and the people it just wouldn’t run right for them and they probably threw it out so let’s take.

These wires loose and get a Tucson air conditioning reading and go from there okay and checking our own capacitance readings with one side of the probe connected to the chassis ground which will be the same as the body of the capacitor we on on our micro farad side we are getting about by micro farad on our micro farad side we are getting around about micro farad so yeah we’re way off here so I think we definitely got a bad capacitor well let’s see what I can find digging my junk box around here and see what I can find with our new capacitor installed here’s our old leaky capacitor here got all over it and their other capacitor installed I did have a spare.

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