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go to jail and they want the case dropped so they don’t want to testify against them sure now what happens if the sheriff’s deputy shows up at their house or LAPD shows up at their house or any police agency with a subpoena to testify against their loved one at trial what should they do well I mean admittedly if in fact someone attempts to serve the complaining witness and the complaining witness is served meaning that they actually get the subpoena.

there is very little they can do but they must comply with a subpoena that is a court order requiring them to go to court so it’s not like you can really avoid that as long as it’s served on you that means that if they’re served they absolutely need to appear in court I guess this goes back to what you were saying Martine showing up in court and whether or not they get on the stand is a matter for the alleged victim the complaining witness and their lawyer the complaining witness and their lawyer need to talk about whether or not they’re actually going to get on the stand and any legal issues surrounding that.

it’s much more complex than this video but if they get a subpoena we all agree they do need to go to court absolutely and the subpoena has to be personally served they can’t be sent by fax they can’t get a phone call from the visitors say I’m subpoena you to go to court that’s not valid we say served it is hand served by anyone really to the person and received by hand again by the complaining witness absolutely now can they proceed meaning can the case go forward can there be a trial with out the complaining witness testifying can that happen absolutely yeah I mean even if the complaining witness the alleged victim is in there oftentimes if the specific scenario or event that gave a rise to the to the charges there might be there might be statements that were made to the say or if there.

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